• Where do I pickup my order?

Order pickup is currently available at two locations - 4Roots Foundation and the Winter Garden Farmer’s Market. Depending on your selection, you can either pickup Tuesday-Friday at 4Roots, or Saturdays at the farmer’s market.

4Roots Warehouse

1918 W. Princeton St. Orlando, FL 32804

Winter Garden Farmer’s Market

104 S Lakeview Ave, Winter Garden, FL 34787

Located at the Winter Garden Palivion


  • How do I know when my order is ready?

Your order will be ready at the time and location of your choosing. Once you set your pickup time and location, we will have your order ready by that time! If you wish to pick up sooner or adjust your pickup time/location, just give us a call to make arrangements. 


  • Can I get my order delivered?

YES! Get your order delivered right to your door, on demand! We deliver to Orlando and several surrounding areas, and if you're out of the delivery zone, you can still pick up curbside at our warehouse.


  • Can I add additional items to my order?

Yes! Just place another order and we will be happy to package those items together. Please include both order IDs in the notes section so we can be sure to keep your purchases together. 


  • How do I pickup my order?

If you selected 4Roots as your pickup location, you will simply drive up to the curbside pickup area (red designated signs in the parking lot) and text your name to 407-955-5301 to notify our team of your arrival. Please state your full name and have your order ID on hand for reference.

If you selected Winter Garden Farmers Market, please see us at the Winter Garden Pavilion.


  • Do you accept jar returns?

Due to the current circumstances and for sanitary purposes we are no longer accepting jar returns at this time. 


  • What does the date on the raw milk mean?

The date on the raw milk reflects the day the cows/goats were milked. We receive fresh milk the same day of milking and bottling. Raw milk is most fresh up to three weeks from the specified date.

Therefore, any milk that is purchased within 7 days of the date on the label, will not be eligible for refunds/credits. We consider anything milked up to 7 days to be fresh as we cannot control the variables from the farm that may account for variances of freshness.


  • How do I place an order?

To receive groceries from the Farmacy, simply head over to FarmacyNow.com and select the items you would like to purchase. Once you are satisfied with the items in your cart you will choose your preferred pickup or delivery location. After submitting your order you will receive an email confirmation with your Order ID and any necessary details for order pickup.


  • Can I still shop at your store?

The storefront on 18 East Joiner Street has permanently closed and we are no longer operating out of that location. There are two options for shopping with us, you can either order online at FarmacyNow.com for home delivery or curbside pickup, or visit the Winter Garden Farmers Market every Saturday from 8-1pm to shop in person. 


  • Why can’t I find a product on your website?

If you are unable to find an item on our website, it is either no longer available or out of stock. Inventory constantly fluctuates so as soon as we have that product available again you can rest assured it will be displayed online.


  • Why am I missing items from my order?

We sincerely apologize for any issues you may have experienced with your order. If you are missing an item from your order it may either have been out of stock or insufficient quality. If this is the case you will be refunded for those items and any adjustments made should be notated on your invoice. However, if you have any further questions or concerns regarding your order, please contact us so we can rectify that right away.


  • Can I request special packaging?

At this time, all orders are packed in brown paper bags and we use minimal plastic packaging to help maintain maximum freshness and premium quality. 

However, if you would rather not receive any produce in plastic, you can definitely make note of that when you place your online order and we will be happy to honor that request. 


  • Can I schedule a specific time for pickup?

The window for pickup is based upon the location chosen. If you selected 4Roots, you are able to retrieve your order between the hours of Tuesday - Friday 9am-5pm.  However, if you selected the Winter Garden Farmer’s Market you are able to pick that up between the hours of 9am-1pm on Saturday. You can certainly specify your expected arrival within those hours and it is guaranteed to be ready for you.


  • What if I miss the order pickup window?

In the unfortunate circumstance that you are unable to pickup your order during the designated time period, your order will automatically be bumped to the next available time slot. For example, if you placed an order for Wednesday pickup at 4 Roots but did not make it in time, your order will be available for pickup Thursday.  


  • How do I cancel an order?

If it so happens that you need to cancel your Farmacy order, please call or text us at 407-974-7846 and we will be happy to assist you.


  • Can someone else pickup my order for me?

Absolutely! If you are unable to pickup the order yourself, you can most certainly have someone else retrieve that for you. As long as they are able to provide the order ID and the name the order was placed under, they can pickup your order for you.


  • Can I still shop at the farmer’s market?

Yes you can! The Winter Garden Farmer’s Market and Packing District Farmer's Market are open every Saturday 8am-1pm for a full in person shopping experience. We'd love to see you there!


  • What time do I pickup my order?

The time frame for order pickup is dependent upon the location you selected.

If you chose 4Roots you can select to pickup your order Tuesday - Friday 9am-5pm.  If you selected the Winter Garden Farmer’s Market you can retrieve your order anytime between the hours of 9am-12:30pm.



Monday through Friday: 10am-5pm

Saturdays: 9am-1pm