Petal Co. Honey

Local Organic Single Origin Pure Honey - 8 oz

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Raw, Wild, Unfiltered, Single Origin, 100% Pure Honey. Made with Florida wildflowers (MultiFloral), Florida orange blossoms (MonoFloral), or Florida saw palmetto (MonoFloral). Packaged in one 8 oz glass jar. 

Their Story:

"This whole journey started with me responding to a small “honey for sale” sign located at the end of a dirt driveway in the little town of Belle Isle, Florida. I had passed this house for most of my life, and never thought to actually stop and buy honey. As I drove up the driveway and made my way to the front porch I found a variety of honey for sale. There was no one outside to greet customers or collect money. This transaction was entirely based on the honor system. I absolutely loved that, but I had to know more!

I knocked on the front door and soon met the lady of the home Alyce. I apologized for the interruption, but had to know more about this seemingly wholesome and pure business. We sat on the front porch for about 30 minutes as she told me the story of her and her husband’s honey venture.

They were humble beginnings filled with lessons and learnings. She shared memories of how they packed and sold honey to the Orlando area for over 45 years. It wasn’t long before her husband (Ed) walked over and we met briefly. He asked me what I did for a living and jokingly asked if I’d be interested in learning how to run a honey business. I was caught off guard, but was quickly intrigued. We spoke for a few more minutes, I left him my number and we said our goodbyes.

It wasn’t long before Ed called me and asked again (but less jokingly) if I’d consider helping him run his honey business since he was now around the age of 84. What was supposed to be a one-month stint, turned into almost a year long adventure. I still help Ed around his farm and with his business, but I (along with some help from Ed) am venturing out to start my own family honey business."

*Not Certified Organic*