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Zen Blend Coffee

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 1 lb bag

Lucid Beans Coffee Co. first Signature Roast; Zen Blend was created to embody everything we are about, in every cup.

A coffee that just is~

We love the ritual of slowing down with a fine cup of coffee and enjoying the moment. We know our fast paced world doesn’t always allow for that, but we believe even those on the go deserve to start their day with a coffee made with love, quality and care.

We wanted to highlight 3 regions that are known for their natural beauty, their connection to nature, and their love of enjoying the simpler things in life.

Whether you drink coffee for pleasure or survival, we hope to have the perfect cup for you.

Zen Blend presents notes of chocolate, hazelnut, dates, cinnamon and cherry.

A simple yet versatile blend, a coffee that just is; peace in every bean, for every bean.