It's a Short and Sweet Season

Sep 02, 2019Cathy Clay
First Blueberries, now Peaches! Both of these fruit seasons coincide with each other, although the Florida Peach season comes quickly and leaves in a flash. 
Last week, we visited one small local and organic U-Pick peach farm that is almost ready to open for the season, and we harvested some of the sweetest, most delicious peaches to bring to our store.

This here is our baby Lennon's first taste of solid food!  A peach fresh off the tree. 

And our sweet local farmer Beverly giving him a squeeze after we picked our peaches. 

This week, we will have even more peaches from their sister farm, and we will be running specials on peaches all week long!

You can watch a short tour we did of the u-pick farm by clicking here, or click the image below to go watch it now so you can get a peek at the farm and see all that they have to offer for your visit there. 

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