Somewhere Over The Rainbow...

Sep 02, 2019Cathy Clay
While it may seem like a far off place, set more into a children's song like "Old Macdonald" than in reality, there really ARE small local farmers growing your food that we supply at The Farmacy!

Big Agriculture has removed most of the connection that people used to know and feel with their local farmers, but it is our aim to bring that back. 

Each week, we are out working with these local farmers, buying their produce, eggs, meats, honey, and so much more.  As we continue to grow, we will be sharing their stories and giving a peek into their farms so that you can not only EAT their beautiful, organic food, but you can also SEE where it's growing, and KNOW the farmer that its coming from. 

This week, get a glimpse inside Brook Hollow Hydro Farm to see what it takes to grow your tomatoes.  Once you have seen the process, you can taste the rainbow by grabbing some of their Heirloom Organic Cherry Tomatoes at our store this week!  The season won't last long, so be sure to savor the flavor over the next few weeks while we have these candy sweet beauties in store. 
Click HERE to watch our video farm tour of Brook Hollow Hydro Farm 

Here is Mrs. Ellen from Brook Hollow Hydro Farm who keeps us well stocked with these amazing tomatoes.  She is also in good company with our red haired, fair skinned baby Lennon!  


Why you should be eating ALL of the tomato colors

While red tomatoes have more fibre and vitamin C, yellow tomatoes have double the amount of iron and zinc of their rosy counterparts.  Yellow tomatoes also pack more vitamin B and folate, which helps your red blood cells.

Darker varieties of tomatoes, such Indigo Rose or Sunblack may have higher levels of antioxidants than red or yellow tomatoes.  They get their color from increased levels of anthocyanins.  Anthocyanins are red, purple and blue pigments that help protect the tomato from the sun’s UV rays, and have strong antioxidant properties.  They have been shown to have many beneficial health impacts, including reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer, and enhanced cognitive function.

Let’s not forget green tomatoes either – they are higher in vitamin K and calcium than ripe red or yellow tomatoes!

Looks like when it comes to tomatoes, it pays to taste the rainbow.

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